Does Tock have a gift certificate solution?



Tock offers a unique solution for restaurants who want to offer gift cards to their guests, so we’ve developed an integration with “The Customer Connection”.

To learn more about their service you can contact Kim Bridges (contact info below). To give you a headstart with the evaluation process, we gathered some high-level details for you to review. Both the pricing and the setup process will depend entirely on your in-house POS*. As always, we’re happy to help you answer any questions you have about this process. To see what the checkout flow with gift cards will look like to your guests, try to make a purchase at Eleven Madison Park.

Restaurant will first contact TCC directly to discuss terms and sign contract
TCC will give Micros representative setup instructions with licensing form
Setup fee for Micros is $500 + $55 per location per month + $0.10 per transaction

Breadcrumb POS (and other iPad type devices)
Restaurant signs contract with TCC and fills out POS setup form
Restaurant receives unique identifier so gift card redemption can be installed remotely by Breadcrumb
$125 setup fee (lots of small ma and pa locations) $30 per month per location

Additional eCommerce Solutions
Additional service available for TCC-hosted online gift card purchase website
Gift cards can be sent via email or snail mail
Setup fee is $300, monthly fee of $25, fulfillment charge (typically passed on to purchaser) physical card $3.50 & e-card $1
Requires client to use have their own fees

  • TCC integrates with Positouch, rPower, OnePOS; stand-alone terminal can be had for $315 if no POS or integration method is available

To get started, please contact :

Kim Bridges
The Customer Connection
960 S Andreasen Dr., Suite B
Escondido, CA 92029
760.466.3731 (office)

Once TCC provides you with the following three numbers:

  • Client Code
  • Client
  • LocationID

Head to your Tock Dashboard and click on Settings–>Integrations under the TCC section click Connect. Here you will be prompted to enter in the numbers provided:

This completes the integration between Tock and TCC.

What customers see during the checkout flow

Once you have enabled The Customer Connection, this is what your guests will see right before they purchased a reservation; a “Redeem a gift card” link appears:

The guests will enter in the amount of the gift card and the number of the giftcard.

Once they apply the gift card, the remaining amount will be charged on their credit card connected to their Tock account:

To see how to add a gift card after the customer purchased the reservation, follow this link:
How do I apply a gift certificate to a reservation?


How do I apply a gift certificate to a reservation?