Getting Started for Administrators



As an administrator, you have access to all of Tock. You are likely helping to set everything up and helping the rest of your staff understand how to leverage Tock. You have access to the following:

  • Bookings Calendar: This is where you will spend most of your time. This is where you can hand-sell, reschedule, transfer, add notes or take any other action related to a specific booking.

  • Service Dashboard: This is used by your hosts to manage guests as they arrive at the restaurant and progress through their experience. As an admin, you probably won’t need to go here much, but you can always follow along with service and watch the tables change colors – even while you’re at home sitting in your PJs.

  • Guest Search: This is where you can find information about a particular guest or their booking. We’ve made this as easy as finding a friend on Facebook.

  • Operations Reports: This is where you can run reports for pre-service (guest list, cover count, dietary restrictions, etc.) or analyze service afterward (turn times, who sat where, and no-show count).

Sections below are admin only

  • Experiences and Events: This is where you can create what type of experience you want to offer your guests, including $0 dinner reservations or pre-paid customized tasting menus.

  • Profile: All of your business information, such as Frequently Asked Questions, will live here.

  • Financial Reports: This is where you can easily generate financial reports that can be broken down by revenue, sell-through rate, experiences, add-ons, and even table configurations.

  • Blueprints: Blueprints are a way to build out what you want an ideal service to look like. They allow you to strucure your inventory according to time slot and apply these offereings to multiple days at a time.

  • Settings: This is where you can customize Tock to meet your needs. You can create experiences, add them to your calendar, and manage all of Tock’s bells and whistles including your consumer site settings ( You’ll probably spend a lot of time here at first.

Onboarding Checklist

If you’re just getting started, there are a few things you’ll need to set up before your Tock site is ready to go. If you’re seeking hardware recommendations, take a peek at [these] (Hardware options for getting started with Table Management & Tock Dashboard).

View Setup Checklist Here


One of Tock’s most powerful features is the ability to take payment in advance. The benefits of this are manyfold, but here are a few things to consider:

  • Getting cash upfront reduces no-shows. Across all of Tock’s partner restaurants, accounting for more than 500,000 purchases, deposits and tickets have had a no-show rate of less than 1%.

  • Get your money sooner. This means you’ll have cash in the bank earning you interest and making your investors happy.

  • Bargain for favorable terms with suppliers. Most suppliers are accustomed to getting paid 30 to 60 days after their product gets delivered. They have the same cash flow problem you did before you started using Tock. Paying cash upfront gives you a bargaining chip to improve the terms.

In addition to these tangible benefits to your bottom line, Tock also makes it easy for you to glean financial insights from our reports. Do a deep dive here.

Setting up Billing

As part of the Tock setup process, you’ll be asked to create an account with Tock’s payment platform.

From time to time, you’ll find the need to handle chargeback disputes or process refunds. For any questions regarding this, please reach out to the Tock Hospitality team at (

Onboarding your staff

  • Administrators: Administrators have access to all parts of the Tock platform, while the rest of your staff has permission settings based on their role. Administrators should review the training materials for both Employees and Hosts so they’re familiar with the entire product.

  • Employees: Employees can not access settings or financial reports. Their main focus will be on the Booking Calendar. You can find employee training materials here.

  • Hosts: Hosts only have access to the Service Dashboard. They do not have access to Bookings. You can find host training materials here.


Introduction to Tock
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