Getting Started for Table Management in Service



If you’re a host, that means you’re the very first person a guest will see when they enter the restaurant. In that moment you have the challenging job of treating a complete stranger like a long-lost friend. Tock will provide you with the information you need to do that seamlessly.

Below is a list of all the parts that make up Tock’s table management. At the bottom of the list are a few short videos that shows you how they all come together. After reviewing this page, (less than 30 min in total) you should feel confident enough to start running table management on your own.

Service Dashboard Overview

The Service Dashboard lets you keep track of what’s happening on the floor throughout service and it works even if your internet goes out. We recommend having a backup internet connection to make sure you always have the latest booking and guest information, but if you lose your connection you can still seat people.


Your table layout will be available in a aerial or list view. Tables lay on your floor with the table number on top and the cover capacity on the bottom. Seated tables will appear green. When you click on a seated table, reservation details will pull up. A counter will also start on the table once it is seated. All of your tables can be easily separated by room.

Information Panel

This is where you get more information and perform actions. If you select a booking, you’ll see information about the party. If you select a table, you’ll see the history of that table.

Booking Panel
This panel includes a list of reservations for service organized by time. You may see a list of icons like this:

  • $ - this means that the reservation has a deferred payment. It is an indication for the server to collect monies at the end of service.

  • Notepad - this indicates that there are visit and guest notes about the party. Click on the “Notes” section in the party panel to view these notes.

  • Tag - this shows that there are visit/guest tags attached to this party. Click on the “Tags” section in the party panel to view the Tags.

  • Prohibited Icon - this indicates that there are dietary notes on the party. Review the “Notes” section in the party panel to view these dietary restrictions.

Party Panel
Within the party panel, you will also see some quick actions you may want to take, such as editing their phone number or canceling their reservation.

However please note you will not be able to cancel Pre-paid and/or Deposit Reservations within service. In order to cancel a reservation that has monies attached you must return to your calendar to take that action.


Here you can see the details of the booking, the guest, the receipt, the booking timeline and check. You can also collect data about your guests to refer to later, things like their birthday and their spouse’s name. Tock has two types of notes – guest notes and booking notes. As you might expect, guest notes are about the guest (e.g., hates Merlot; loves Pinot Noir) and booking notes are about the booking (e.g., bachelor weekend getaway). You can also add pre-created tags to a guest for quick reference (e.g. ‘Vegan’, or ‘VIP’).

There are a plethora of actions that you can take in table management to help you effectively run service. All these actions are simple and easy to let you focus on what is important: the guest.

For a view on how to assign servers, assign tables, seat a party or walk-in, change table status, use the day notes and chat feature, text guests, assign amenities, edit guest notes and quick notes, mark no shows and get in touch with Tock support take a look at the following article:

Table Management Features

Okay, now that you’re familiar with all its parts, watch these videos below to see how they all come together for a night of service at the restaurant…

Table Management Intro

Table Management Server and Table Actions

Table Management Reservation Details

This might seem like a lot to absorb all at once but with a little practice, you’ll be able to confidently greet your guests, find their bookings, and seat them at their table in a single imperceptible second. If you’re feeling motivated to learn more about Tock and how our system works as a whole, we recommend reading-up on the actions allowed under ‘employee’ settings, too.


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