How do I add the reservation widget to my Squarespace site?



From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reservation Widget

There are two parts to make the reservation widget work in Squarespace: Linking the widget and then applying the widget code using code injection.

1 - Head over to your dashboard and then click on Reservation Widget under your settings. From here, you have two choices. Copy the code under “Link to all experiences” or “Link to a specific experience”.

Link to all experiences - this creates a widget that shows all of your experiences that you have on your calendar. An example of this is our friends at FarmSpirit (click on the Book Now button).

Link to a specific experience - this creates a widget that highlights just one experience. Your guests are not able to see the rest of your experiences unless they go to your proper Tock site.

2 - In Squarespace, insert a code block and then paste the code into the box.

For specific experiences: Code <a data-tock-reserve=true data-tock-experience=YOUR_EXPERIENCE_ID>name of experience</a>

For all experiences: <a href="">Reservations</a> - you can replace “reservations” with “Book Now” or “Tickets”, etc.

For specific experiences:
Within the code, you can replace “Tasting Menu” with the name of your experience (no quotes) and YOUR_EXPERIENCE_ID with the number associated with your specific experience. In order to find it, simply click on the experience on the dashboard and look for it in the address bar:

3 - Click on Apply to save the code and then click Save to get out of the Edit Event window. Then on the left-hand side of the screen, click on Settings > Advanced > Code Injection:

4 - Head back to your Tock Dashboard where your Reservation Widget settings are and copy the code there.

5 - Head back to the Squarespace page and paste the code under “Header”. Then click Save.

Your reservation widget should be live (test out that the widget works on your live page, not in the Squarespace editor) - if not, no worries! Contact the hospitality team to help you out.



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Release Notes - June 20, 2017