How do I cancel a booking?



Calendar > Select booking > Modify > Cancel

Once a reservation is booked, you may wish to cancel it. When a guest makes a reservation using the guest booking, they agree to your Terms of Use. The Tock Terms of Use that bookings are non-refundable but fully transferable. While these are Tock’s conditions, you may choose to manage refunds on a case by case basis or however you like.

By selecting ‘Modify’ within a booking you may then “Cancel’ the booking in one of three ways.

1.) Cancel with no refund

2.) Cancel and offer a partial refund to your guest

3.) Cancel and extend a full refund to your guest

You will have the choice to send the guest a cancellation email or not. Once a free (or zero dollar) reservation is canceled, it will go into an available state. If a reservation with monies attached (pre-pay or deposit) is cancelled, it will revert back to a held state. You will need to remove the hold in order to make the reservation available again.

When selecting to offer a partial or full refund, the amount of the refund will be returned to the credit card which secured the booking within 5-10 business days. If the bookings was a gift for example, the refund would still go back to the original purchaser of the booking. Likewise, if a booking was transferred at full cost to a new guest, the new guest would receive the refund for the amount paid for that booking.

There is one caveat to this. If the reservation exists as a $0 Reservation, the guest will have the choice to cancel the reservation from their Tock Profile


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