How do I enable the "Book Now" feature on Facebook?



When a guest lands on your Tock site there is a singular call to action – Book Now. We designed it that way for a reason. A page with too many options distracts customers and leads to fewer sales. That’s why we created a “Book Now” button for your Facebook Page, too. Now, when customers visit your page on the web, iOS, or Android, they’ll see a strong call to action at the top of your page that will link them directly to your booking site.

This is how you get started…

First, visit your Facebook Page. You’ll need to be an administrator for Tock and Facebook to perform the following actions. Facebook only allows one call to action (CTA) button to be at the top of your page. If there is a Call Now, Contact Us, or Send Message button at the top, delete it.

After that, go back to your Settings > Analytics page. There you’ll see the option to enter a Google Analytics ID (strongly recommended) and add a “Book Now” button to your Facebook Page.

You’ll be prompted to select the page you’d like to add the button to, then you’ll be asked to grant Tock permission to the Facebook Profile you use to manage your Facebook Page so the button can be added.

After you finished those steps, go back to your Facebook Page to view the button. It should say ‘Book Now’ and it should be directed at your restaurant’s Tock URL: If not, simply edit the button and direct it to your booking site.

Once the button has been added, you’ll have the option to promote the “Book Now” button so it shows up as an actionable post within the newsfeed of Facebook users.

Honing your marketing efforts will be an iterative process. This is why we offer the ability to monitor your Tock booking site using Google Analytics to see how your marketing initiatives are performing. Looking at how traffic (and conversions) change within your social channel is something that you’ll want to keep an eye on. By looking at the Acquisition Overview report, you’ll be able to see what percent of your booking site’s traffic came from which channel (specifically, social) and the behavior of each channel. Set up your Google Analytics account to start tracking your results!


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