How do I transfer bookings between customers?



We designed our platform so both guests and admin have the ability to transfer bookings. We did this for a couple of reasons. One, it creates less work for you, the restaurant. Guests will need to change plans. It’s inevitable. The only way for them to change their booking previously was by working through you. Now they can resolve these matters (in most cases) on their own.

The other reason we did this was to make the transfer of cash safer for your customers. If you worked with a guest to transfer their booking in the past it was still up to them to take care of payment, even if they are dealing with strangers. Now they can take care of both steps safely and securely within the Tock platform and both parties can be confident that the correct information has been collected.

As icing on the cake, these new flows also allow the restaurant to collect dining preferences from the new guest. That means when Guest #1 transfers to Guest #2, you won’t need to have an awkward conversation upon arrival about the changes that have been made. Everything has been updated in Tock beforehand so you can focus on giving them a great experience, and they can focus on enjoying it.

Below are step-by-step instructions of how it works. We’ll show you examples from both the Admin and Guest side.

## **Transfer Booking - Admin View**

If the booking is being made on behalf of someone else (through a concierge or personal assistant) you may wish to add a booking owner who is different than the booking guest. For an explanation of the difference, look here.

Transfers can also be initiated by restaurants, however, no changes to price can be made. To transfer the booking, click on the sold booking, and click on the “Modify” button on the bottom-right of the booking:

Then click, "Transfer":

First, you’ll be asked to choose between changing the guest of the booking or changing the owner. Changing the guest of the booking will only change the name of the person coming in for the reservation; no payment is exchanged.

Changing the owner of the booking will initiate a transfer to another person with the option to exchange monies set to whatever value they would like.

First, enter some basic information about the intended recipient.

Next, you’ll be able to transfer the booking at $0 (do this if the guest wants to give the booking away as a gift or if they are just generous) or transfer the booking at a set price (up to the total amount of the booking).

Once you enter an amount and then add an e-mail address, the final step is confirmation. After selecting “Yes” the recipient will receive an email where they’ll be asked to confirm the charge.

Also, the sold booking status will change to "Booked, Transfer in progress to...".

The guest will have the option to accept or decline the transfer. If no action is taken within 24 hours, the invitation will expire. Once the charge is complete the new recipient will have ownership of the booking.

## **Transfer Booking - Guest View**

Your guest will start by navigating to their profile and select the “Your Bookings” tab. There they’ll be able to see all upcoming and past bookings.

Once they select the “Transfer” button they will be given two choices: "Sell your booking" or "Give your booking". In this example, we will follow the "Sell your booking" flow.

They’ll be prompted to enter the email address of the intended recipient.

Remember, each Tock account can have only one email address and reservations can only be transferred to people with Tock accounts. If the intended recipient does not have a Tock account they’ll need to make one to accept the transfer.

After entering the recipient's email address the customer will be asked to confirm the amount for which they want to transfer the reservation. They can choose any amount equal to or less than face value.
Once their payment information has been confirmed they’ll be asked to confirm the transfer. After this there is only one more step for them to complete.

The current reservation owner must also confirm the transfer via email before a corresponding email is sent to the recipient.

Once they click "Confirm Transfer", an e-mail will be sent to the intended recipient to begin the transfer.

They will have the option to accept or decline the transfer. If they decline, the person who initiated the transfer will maintain ownership. If they accept, they’ll be directed to a page where they can enter their payment information, answer questions, and complete the checkout process. In this case, they’ll be charged a total $781.50. No changes to the booking can be made.


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