How does the Breadcrumb POS integration work with Tock?



At this point, you should have already linked your point of sale system with Tock. If not please see this article here to get started.

My POS is Connected - now what?

After you have successfully connected your POS system you will start to see checks appear in Tock under the Point of Sale tab the following day.

Linked Checks vs. Unlinked Checks

As the check information begins to populate, you will notice that some of them have the name of a Tock guest, while others still need to be linked to a Tock guest.

Linked to Tock guest:


We’ve done our best to link each point of sale check to a guest’s visit in Tock, however sometimes there is not enough information to accurately associate them. That’s where you come in!

Manually Linking Checks

To manually link a check to a guest’s visit, you’ll want to first select the check you wish to link. Upon selecting the check, a modal will appear with the details of the check next to a list of smart suggestions and all visits this could be linked to. This listing should allow you to make an association quickly.

Linking modal:

Why should I link unlinked checks?

Ensuring that all checks are correctly linked to the correlated guest’s visit will make reporting more accurate as well as bring the associated check details for your guest into other locations around Tock.

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