How does the waitlist feature on the guest booking site work?



To enable this feature you’ll need to select the checkbox at the bottom of the Bookings + Release settings page.

Add Name To Waitlist as a Guest

Once enabled, guests will have the option to add themselves to a waitlist. As part of that process they’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Number of guests
  • Available date
  • Preferred service
  • Name and email address

Please note that the guest list is an information gathering tool for your team. The management of the waitlist is up to you as far as extending invitations to your guests.

Once the guest enters this information, they will receive an e-mail confirmation:

Enter Booking & Contact Information

Many restaurants use this feature to collect email addresses for future marketing purposes. To see best practices please read this article. For information about managing wait list entries from your dashboard, continue reading here.

Edit/Delete/Add Name To Waitlist as an Admin

As an admin, you can edit and delete waitlist entries or create entirely new entries all in one place.

To edit and delete entries, visit the Operations section of your dashboard and select the Wait List tab. Next, select the specific date for which you’d like to make adjustments to the waitlist. Within each entry you can select to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the entry.

To create a new entry, visit the Operations section of your dashboard and select the Wait List tab. Select the blue button that reads ‘Add Guest’. You’ll be prompted to add the guest information and the desired booking details.

You will then be presented with the screen to fill out the guest’s information.

Pro Tip! : Remember, the Wait List is simply a collection of information so you can both fill out remaining seats as well as contact your most dedicated guests

Pro Tip! : A guest cannot add themselves to multiple dates at the same time

Pro Tip! : Use this to give your best guests exclusive book-via-email invitations to your experiences! Perhaps you have a frequent diner on your wait list , you may wish to reward them by giving them a last minute table on a date previously completely booked up!


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