Integrating POS with Tock



Currently, Tock integrates with Breadcrumb POS.

We are expanding our POS system integrations and are prioritizing them by the number of requests we get from partner restaurants along with the API capabilities of the various systems. If you are using a different POS system and would like to potentially integrate with Tock, please reach out to our Hospitality Team using the in-product Support modal.

If you are using Breadcrumb here is how you can get started:

From the Breadcrumb side:

  • Start by going into your Breadcrumb HQ settings.

  • Click the Integration Partners link on the left hand side, to reveal your integration setup page.

  • Click the Add API Partner button and select Tock from the list.

  • Click Add, and you will see the username and password for generated for your Tock integration in the list.

From the Tock side:

  • In your Tock Dashboard, go to your Control Panel -> Settings -> Integrations page. Select the “Connect” button under the Breadcrumb option and enter your credentials.

  • From here, you will be able to view POS Checks according to Patron, Visit, Guests/Table and Payment. Just head to your Operations page and choose “Point of Sale” from the side menu.

And that’s it! You will now be able to view POS guest check details.

Further questions? Our Hospitality Team is available! Please reach out using the in-product Support modal.

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Release Notes - August 29, 2017
Release Notes - August 16, 2017
How does the Breadcrumb POS integration work with Tock?