Introduction to Tock



Tock allows you to efficiently manage your guest communications, marketing outreach, and sales analysis all in one place. Think of us as your other back of house.

Tock is about more than tables and times. From one dashboard you can book run-of-the-mill reservations along with pre-paid chef’s tastings, kitchen tables, special events, private dining – anything you can think up. These experiences fit into 3 categories based on how you want to collect money.

  • Reservations - No money is collected up front. Guests tell you they’re going to show up and you keep a table open for them. It’s a handshake agreement. Guests are able to cancel these reservations on their own since they have a $0 value.

  • Deposits - Some money is collected up front, but you expect guests to spend more when they come in. If they show up their deposit can be applied toward their bill, but if they don’t, that money is forfeited.

  • Pre-paid reservation - All of the money is collected up front - including tax, service charge, and add-ons. Your guests pay for everything ahead of time and are free to enjoy their experience without needing to take out their wallets.

Pick whichever experience will work best for your restaurant. As you can see above, Roister blends their experiences to cater to different customers.

Feature Overview

Tock has 3 main parts. Each part is responsible for managing some element of the guest experience.

  • Guest Site - This is where your guests will book their experiences. You have the ability to customize the site’s visual design and descriptions in a way that is authentic to your offerings.

  • Bookings Calendar - This is where administrators and employees will set-up and manage your Tock site. You can create experiences, manage bookings, and access reports all right here.

  • Service Dashboard - This is where hosts and other team members will manage incoming guests on the night of service. Hosts can seat walk-ins or other parties, edit notes about guests, even send messages to the other host stand or the expo station.

Tock allows you to manage your inventory, or bookings availability, completely separate from your table layout in Service. This gives you great control over making adjustments as you see fit! Want to add a reservation for 10 people next Monday? No problem! Tock gives you the control and speed to get that reservation in, whether you have a physical table open or not.

How do I use it?

What you do with Tock will largely depend on your role at the restaurant. You should be aware of the abilities and limitations for each of them so you’ll know what you can do yourself and when you might need to ask for help.

  • Account Owner - You are the highest level of access - this is only assigned by the Tock team. You will have all the permissions an Administrator does with one major difference - you will be the one who will be able to set up and change Billing.

  • Administrator - You have access to everything, can handle financial concerns and restaurant settings. These are usually chefs, managers, marketers, or owners.

  • Employee - You can assist with most guest related needs (such as modifying bookings), but cannot access financial information or settings. These are usually back office staff, floor leads, or reservationists.

  • Host - You have access to the Service Dashboard. You are unable to modify bookings in any way, view financial information, or change settings. These are usually … wait for it … hosts.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to choose your own adventure. Click on the link below that matches your role within Tock.

:arrow_right: I’m an Account Owner

:arrow_right: I’m an Admin

:arrow_right: I’m an Employee

:arrow_right: I’m a Host

We’re here to help

Tock is a hospitality company first and foremost. We take pride in providing our partners with great service. For us, that means answering your questions accurately as fast as possible. These answers can come from three sources:

  • Help Center - Access answers to the most common questions directly from the dashboard by clicking the “Support” button in the top right corner.

  • Email - Have a question not covered in the help center? Send an email to our Hospitality Team and we will respond as soon as we can, generally within 15 minutes during business hours.

  • Phone - Need something 5 minutes ago? If your plan allows for phone service, give us a call at the number listed in the Support modal.