Pre-transition checklist for moving to Tock



Billing - First things first, let’s setup your Billing so you can get paid. In the process, you’ll be asked to select a subscription plan and agree to Tock’s service agreement.

Team - Are you doing this all by yourself? I hope not. Feel free to invite more team members. There’s no limit to how many can join. Review our different permission settings here.

Images - Add your logo and a big, beautiful image to your site. We call this your “Hero” image. Take a look at some do’s and dont’s on selecting the perfect hero image here.

Bookings and Releases - This is where you can toggle bookings on and off. It’s also where you can preview your site. Use it now to take a peek at that gorgeous background image you just uploaded.

Public Profile - Enter your hours of operation for each service on all the days you’re open. These will be displayed publicly. Your Public Profile will also house your website and social media information.

Experiences - Why do guests visit your restaurant? Experiences can be anything from prepaid to no money down reservations to events. Many restaurants benefit from offering all of the above. See how to set up reservations and create events.

  • Add-ons - Do you offer beverage pairings with your meals? Add-ons are a great way for guests to up-sell themselves before they get to the restaurant. Look at Lûmé and The Aviary for inspiration. Click here to see how they’re made.
  • Post Check-Out Questions - Collect information from your guests in advance. Do you want them to inform you of dietary restrictions? Give your guest room to leave a free-form response. Do you want them to opt-in to an email list? Use a checkbox question. Here are examples of each.

Blueprints - This is where it all comes together. Do turn times on Wednesday look different than Saturday? Do you offer a brunch experience on Sunday but not on Friday? Build a Blueprint for each unique service. Look here to see how it’s done.

Taxes and Charges - Will your experiences be taxed? Do you want to add a mandatory service charge? These percentages will be specific to your city and your business. If ou have specific questions, you may want to consult your accounting team.

Everything above here is critical for launch.
Everything below here is a strongly advised nice-to-have.

Messages and Emails - Pre and post checkout messages allow you to set expectations for your guests. Use the email reminder to make sure they don’t forget about their upcoming booking. Look here to understand where these messages fit in the purchase flow.

FAQ - Do guests frequently ask the same questions? Compile a list of thoughtful responses to save your staff time. We’ve provided some examples for you to reference here. Consider reviewing Lûmé, Trois Mec, and Staplehouse for inspiration.

Business Information - Most of this was filled in during the signup process. Look it over once more to make sure the information is correct. If you want to monitor the usage of your Tock site (and you should want to), we recommend you connect your Google Analytics account – instructions are here.

Tables and Rooms - This is where you set up your dining area for the service app.

Party Statuses - You can add up to 10 custom statuses (and colors!) to the service app so you can keep track of your guests and their needs.


Preparing for the move to Tock
Getting Started for Administrators