Release Note - July 5



Improvements to table management

We understand the unique pressures facing a host. It can get intense when walk-ins are queuing up, the phone is ringing, and… oh, by the way… someone wants to switch tables. Every action and second counts. Today, we’ve released a number of improvements to common host actions—with more on the way—to help you move quickly and confidently and focus on the guest.

Guest instant add for walk-ins and call-ins

We want to help you get to know your guests better, and in Tock that means leveraging guest profiles. But we also know that when you’re interacting with a walk-in or call-in reservation there isn’t a lot of time to hunt for existing guest profiles or create new ones.

It’s now easier than ever to find existing guest profiles and add new ones when adding a walk-in (in Service) or call-in reservation (in Calendar). Simply type the information you know into the search field to see matching results and, if there are no matches, the guest’s name, email, and/or phone will be intelligently recognized and placed in the corresponding fields.

When enough information is entered to warrant creating a guest profile, the form will also automatically suggest that you add this guest to your directory.

The search results themselves in Service have been improved and now shows photos and phone number to help you identify the correct guest.

Seat a walk-in party more quickly—especially when seating them at multiple tables

You can now create and seat a party simultaneously from the “Add Walk-in” panel. On top of that, you can immediately seat the walk-in party across multiple tables.

Removing a walk-in party

Sometimes you seat a walk-in party only to realize they in fact had made a reservation. Or the party makes a snap decision to leave after being seated. If for any reason you need to remove a walk-in after they’ve been added or sat, it’s now only a tap away in the Quick Actions menu.

Save time moving a party between tables and moving preassignments

When moving a party, we now automatically deselect the tables the party was previously seated or preassigned to.

Plus, now tweaking your table preassignments is as easy as choosing the party you want to move—either from the table detail or from the expected list—and dragging them to their new table. That’s it!