Release Notes - Aug 08, 2017


Hi friends! It’s been a minute…and a lot has happened. We’re talking POS integration, improvements to table configuration, waitlist, guest profile management etc. Keep reading if you know what’s good for you:

##Creating a unified view of online and in-restaurant sales with POS Integration

First up, we are delighted to announce beta support for Point of Sale integration with Tock. We are currently rolling out this integration with select partners who are using Breadcrumb POS. By integrating with a Point of Sale system, Tock is able to combine online and in-restaurant sales and provide a holistic view at your fingertips in Table Management, CRM and reporting.

If this gets you excited and you’d like to know whether we can integrate with your Point of Sale system with Tock, please reach out to

Guests Can Cancel their Tock Account

While the use case is seldom, we believe it is good practice to give Tock users the ability to delete their account should they so choose. Guests are now able to manually cancel their Tock account as long as they do not have any upcoming reservations. If they have upcoming reservations, we disable this functionality and clearly communicate to them why they are not able to cancel their account just yet.

While we never like to see a guest go, we decided to use this as an opportunity to learn how we can improve our product, asking them to provide their reason for leaving. Lemons into lemonade right? After successfully cancelling their account, they’ll get an email confirming the cancellation.

So, what does this mean for you? You will still maintain your guest’s information in your CRM even after they cancel their Tock account. If they choose to sign up for Tock again, you have the ability to merge their two Tock profiles.

Improved walk-in management in service

It’s now much easier to manage walk-ins in service (Insert ‘Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration’ emoji here). Walk-ins can now be assigned a “quoted time,” and they’ll be sorted by that quoted time in the party list. We also have added a countdown timer in the list to keep you on track and alert you if you are running behind.

Aerial view in Service

Last but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce that Tock now has an Aerial View in service! What the what?!? Starting today, Tock’s Service feature now allows for an Aerial view. Moving forward, it’ll now be possible to select which view is best for your table management strategies, whether that be Tock’s original List View or Tock’s new Aerial View.

If Aerial View is for you, the best place to start is with this help article that will lead you through the steps to enable Aerial view in Service. Then, learn all the tips and tricks to using Aerial view in Service with this helpful article.

As always, if you have questions about new features or suggestions for our product, please don’t hesitate to send us a note at

Have a great week ahead,
Elise + The Hospitality Team

Release Notes - August 16, 2017