Release Notes - August 16, 2017


It’s that time of the week - time for some Tock updates. This week I want to highlight two recent features in Tock: POS integration and Text messaging. Like a proud parent, I’m going to elaborate on their utter amazingness and why these features deserve your love:

Tock integrates with Breadcrumb POS

As announced last week, we are now supporting the integration of Breadcrumb POS with Tock. This integration allows us to combine online and in-restaurant sales and provide a holistic view at your fingertips in Table Management, CRM and reporting. Here’s a glimpse at what that integration looks like in the product:

Check Information in Booking Details:

Check Information in Guest Profile:

POS Checks:

Tying Tock experiences with your POS:

For those using Breadcrumb, follow this step-by-step process for getting set up. Once you’re successfully set up, refer to this article for a better understanding of how your POS information is integrated throughout Tock.

For those using other POS systems, please email and let us know which system you are using, along with any version number. We are rapidly expanding our POS system integrations and are prioritizing them by the number of requests we get from partner restaurants along with the API capabilities of the various systems.

Quick links:
Getting POS Integration Set up
Understanding POS Integration in Tock

Text messaging for all!

Text messaging is now available for all Tock partners within the United States, no matter what plan you are on. In Tock, the text messaging feature allows your host stand to easily message your walk-in guests. There are two different messages to send; one confirming a guest’s number and another to notify the guest that their table is ready.

In order to get text messaging up and running for your business, you’ll simply need to reach out to the hospitality team so they can assign you a phone number. Email to get text messaging turned on for your business.

Text messaging section in Tock:

As always, if you have questions about new features or suggestions for our product, please don’t hesitate to send us a note at Have a great week ahead!

Elise + The Hospitality Team

Release Notes - August 29, 2017