Release Notes - August 24, 2017


Tough to follow a total solar-eclipse earlier this week, though we think this weekly update is pretty out of this world (groaaaan):

Text messaging is going global

The wait is over - text messaging is now available for all our international Tock partners, no matter what plan you are on. As mentioned in previous release notes, in order to get text messaging through Tock up and running, please email with your request. Our support superheros will get you set up with a phone number and you’ll be able to send thoughtful text messages to your guests in a flash.

Being a global community, it is important to note that you can only text in your region. For instance, a business in the United States will not be able to text a UK number and vice versa.

So, how can I utilize text messaging with my walk in guests?
• Confirm their phone number and let them know how you’ll contact them
• Update them on their wait time
• Let them know their table is ready and how long you will hold it
• Ask them to confirm that they are on their way

Text Messaging Section in Tock Dashboard:

Help center quick links:
Text messaging for walk-ins