Release Notes - August 29, 2017


Greetings earthlings. This week I’ve got 2 updates for you and 1 request:

• Update 1: Additional POS Report
• Update 2: Better booking history
• And a request : Share your awards (#winning)

Let me elaborate:

Point of Sale Insights

If you’ve integrated your POS into Tock, you are hopefully getting familiar with the new Point of Sale “Item Sales Report” that breaks down info about your POS sales at the experience level. Super helpful…but we didn’t think that was enough. We dove a level deeper, creating an additional report detailing your POS sales at an hourly increment. You’ll now be able to conclude what time of day you gross the most sales and the least sales - highlighting those peaks and valleys across a variety of metrics including check average, turn time and sales per seat per hour. This new “Hourly Insights Report” can be found report under the Point of Sale section in Reports.

Like a fine wine, the rest of the POS integration in Tock continues to get better with age. You’ll notice a bit of a design facelift in this section in addition some new functionality. If you wanted to see info about split checks, be able the view the full receipt and be able to exclude a check from your reports, then today is your day.

Quick links:
Integrating POS with Tock
Understanding POS Integration in Tock

Service info in guest history

A few weeks ago, we did a wonderful thing by adding information from Service into your Dashboard. This meant information like a guest’s table number, server name, total dining time etc was surfaced all throughout Dashboard. One of these places was in your guest’s profile. Good news: we’ve added even more info into the guest’s history. Behold, the improved guest booking history:

And the various states of the guest booking history:

Brief summary of the improvements:
• Booking Info
This column shows the date/time a reservation was booked and the confirmation #. Clicking the confirmation number directs you to the confirmation receipt.

• Details
This column has a link to the details of the booking and includes the status of the booking. Statuses include, Booked, Server Name/Table Number, Now Show, Cancelled.

• Time/Day (renamed column and reordered)
This column shows (you guessed it) the time and day of the booking. When booking in over it shows the amount of time a patron dined for.

• Total Prices
This column shows the total price and whether it is “Paid Full” or “Owes”.

Share your awards

Tock allows you to include awards on your landing page. A reminder that if you have some awards you’d like listed, please reach out to to get them added. We encourage you to share information about the prestigious awards you’ve received as it is a clear indicator of quality to a guest browsing your site.

What awards should I share?
Typically we see people sharing the awards that have the most circulation (think The New York Times or SF Chronicle) and an aspirational quality to them. In addition, the more current the award the better.

As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.