Release Notes - July 25, 2017


Why did the chicken cross the road? Well to get to the weekly release notes of course. Here are the latest product updates to be aware of:

Visual cue when assigning number of seats to a party

There’s proof in the pudding and meaning in the colors when assigning the number of seats to a party:
Blue: Blue means you’ve entered assigning mode. Welcome!
Red: Red means you’ve assigned too few seats to a party (say, seating a party of 5 at a 4-top).
Green: Green means you’re a total pro and assigned the exact right number!

Assigning mode:

Remaining seats to assign:

All seats assigned:

Service information for bookings

Service and Dashboard have become closer friends over the summer, creating memories and sharing inside jokes. You’ll now find that the table number, server name, total dining time, final status, and last-minute party size change information shows up several places within the dashboard. Keep an eye out for these helpful nuggets of information in the calendar, booking modal, bookings report, guest search and chits. Here’s a preview:

• Calendar:

• Booking Modal:

• Timeline:

• Bookings report:

• Guest search:

• Chits:

Improved Search on Consumer Site

We’ve made a few improvements on, both in form and function. Let’s start with form; we’ve surfaced more content about your establishment in the search results view. Guests now have the ability to see not only your beautiful image, name and city but they can now view your cuisine type, price range, and a snippet of your description within the search results.

Moving onto function; the search bar is much more functional than it was before, allowing guests to search more broadly and yield smarter results. Consumers are welcome to search by restaurant name, city, cuisine, keyword etc to help narrow down the list of Tock partnering restaurants. A small taste of more to come!

Following up: Changes to guest tags

We sent an email out last week reviewing some recent updates to guest tags. Exciting stuff! To reiterate for those that missed it or got distracted halfway through (it happens), here’s a brief overview. Just like the notes you will now be able to add and remove guest tags within your restaurant without affecting the tags from other restaurants. The tags from the other restaurants are now visible in the expanded section containing CRM data from the other restaurants in your group.

As always, if you have questions about new features or suggestions for our product, please don’t hesitate to send us a note at

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