Release Notes - November 2, 2017



So, what’s new?

Control Panel + Bookings = Dashboard
The most obvious update is the distinction between your Control Panel workspace and your Bookings workspace. This categorization was informed by the different role responsibilities across Tock users, grouping like-minded sections with each other to expedite your day-to-day tasks.

The Bookings family has grown
Operations and Guests have moved cross-country and have settled down in the Bookings world. Both of these sections are predominantly used by reservationists and hosts, so they made more sense to live alongside Service and Calendar. We’ve already seen how nice it is for Tock users to easily tab back and forth between these sections.

Guest Search in global nav
Guests! They’re awfully important, hence why we added a global guest search in the top navigation. Just click the magnify glass in the top right of your screen and type in a guest’s name, confirmation number or email to quickly locate that guest’s profile.

Learning about new updates
Updates used to be communicated via a pop up modal with release notes. No more. Now when there are new updates, you’ll see the menu icon in the right hand corner of the screen turn a “hey, notice me” red. To view details about the updates, simply click “What’s New”.

Share feedback whenever
Your feedback is what makes our world go round. We created a way for you to always share feedback ON the product while IN the product. You’ll find the “Feedback” link in the top right menu.

**If you are not seeing the updates, trying signing out and signing back in

Thank you for contributing to this update and for being part of our community.

Have a great rest of the week,
Elise + The Hospitality Team