Release Notes - September 6, 2017


Hi friends. This week we’ve got another round of improvements for walk-ins and for POS in Tock. As you can tell, we are always tinkering and improving over here, working to get new stuff to you ASAP to test in the wild. Got feedback? Good and bad, we want to hear it.

Now, without further adieu:

Walk-ins: Expected vs. Quoted Time

You can now give walk-ins a “Quoted” time or an “Expected” time. So what is the difference between the 2 classifications?

”Quoted” time: This is the estimated amount of time until a table is ready. You can also choose to not assign an estimated time by selecting the “no quote” option.
”Expected” time: This is an assigned reservation time for a walk-in. By doing this you can treat this walk-in more like a booking on that night. Appropriately, “Expected” walk-ins live alongside any bookings you have in the list of parties rather than in the “Walk-ins” section.

Expected Walk-ins in Expected section

Adding a Quoted time vs. Expected time

New Insights reports

Tock’s reporting section continues to flourish, sharing new ways to visualize your data throughout the week and identify opportunities. This week we have both a new report and some additional filters to existing reports.

Point of Sale - Hourly Insights report
The POS hourly insights report has some new metrics to break the data down by. You’ll now be able to filter by checks, covers, Tock sales, POS sales, and total sales in addition to the previously existing filters. In addition, we’ve added the row and column totals to the table visualization for easier scanning.

• NEW: Insights, Hourly Insights report
There is a new hourly insights report under Insights in Reports. Experience the same goodness of the POS Hourly Insights report across all online metrics like sell through, bookings, covers and income.

So, how do I make sense of my reports?
If you would like to schedule time to learn how to monitor and track your performance using Tock reports, email to set up a Success Meeting. Katie will make reporting your new favorite part of Tock - trust us.