Setting up Star Micronics 650II WebPrnt



Step 1: Connect the printer

Obtain the IP address of the printer by pressing feed while turning the printer on. Once you get the printer’s IP. open the IP as a webpage in your browser

Step 2: Assign a static IP to the printer

Make sure to enter the subnet mask and gateway correctly

Step 3: Add a self-signed certificate and switch the printer to SSL mode

Using the SSL/TLS link on the left create a self signed certificate and under SSL/TLS Setting enable SSL. Save and restart the printer

Step 4: Open the printer IP in a browser and permanently add the certificate

You will need to do this step on every computer that needs access to the printer.

first, you need to export the certificate.

Instructions for Google Chrome on Windows 10

  • Locate the url in the browser. “https” segment of the url will be crossed out with the red line and there will be a lock symbol to the left.
  • Right click on the crossed-out "https" segment.
  • You will see an information window with various information
  • Click “details”.
  • Export the certificate, follow directions and accept default settings.

To import

  • Go to Chrome Settings
  • Click on "advanced settings"
  • Under HTTPS/SSL click to "Manage Certificates"
  • Go to "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities"
  • Click to "Import"
  • There will be a pop up window that will ask you if you want to install this certificate. Click "yes".

Instructions for Google Chrome on Mac OS/OSX

  • Click the red lock with the cross in your address bar when trying to open your https localhost environment. There’ll open a window with some information about the certificate.

  • Click on "Details" information window

  • The chrome Developer tools opens on the tab ‘Security’. Click on View Certificate. The certificate image

  • Add it to your ‘System’ keychain (not your ‘login’ keychain which is selected by default).

  • Open your keychain (again) and find the certificate. Click on it and make sure you "Trust" all.

  • Restart chrome and it should work.

Step 5: Configure the printer in Tock Dashboard

Logged in as an administrator, under Control Panel > Settings > Printers. Add the printer’s IP. Make sure to choose https from the dropdown. Name the printer understandable like “Host stand”

Try to print a test print to ensure everything is correct before saving.

Troubleshooting steps:

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