What do Tock's automated emails look like?



Tock is designed to save you time. One of the ways we do that is by sending automated emails. Below is a comprehensive list of examples that displays what types of emails are sent when you or your guest take a particular action on Tock. The content of some messages can be customized (to a degree), all messages will be sent with the logo that’s uploaded to your restaurant’s Design page.

We highly recommend creating email filters to avoid being inundated with emails.

Confirmation Email

When you make a booking for a guest through the dashboard or they make a booking themselves online, they’ll receive a confirmation email immediately afterward. This is the same email they’ll receive when you use the “Resend receipt” function. Some of the text can be customized by adding copy to the “Post Checkout Message” section of the Messages and Emails page in settings.

Reminder Email

If you choose to send your guests a reminder email they’ll receive an email like this. Some of the text can be customized on the Communication page.

Cancellation Email

When you cancel a booking for a guest they’ll receive the following notification. The content of the email will contain financial information that is relevant to their booking. These messages are not customizable.

Book via email (bounced)

Tock’s emails have a 99.3% deliverability rate. That’s pretty good, but it’s not 100%. The most common reason emails will bounce is because there was a typo in the email address. Now, when an email to a guest is not delivered (only for book via email invites for now), you’ll receive an email notification informing you of the fact.

Book via email (expired)

When a guest’s invitation to ‘book via email’ expires they’ll receive the following email. The content of this message cannot be customized.

Edited Booking

Every time a booking is edited (that includes the comp, edit, and charge functions) the guest will receive an email that contains the updated receipt along with any copy that was added to the “Post Checkout Message” section of the Communication page.

Rescheduled Booking

When a booking is rescheduled for a guest they’ll receive the following email informing them of the new date and time. This message cannot be customized.

Transfer (Initiate)

As a safety mechanism, we require all transfers initiated by the guest to be verified via email before an invitation is sent to the intended recipient.

Transfer (Confirm)

When the transfer of a booking is initiated (by the restaurant or the original ticket-holder) the intended recipient of the booking will receive an email inviting them to complete the transfer. The invitation will expire after 24 hours.

Transfer (Complete)

The original ticket-holder will receive a notification when the transfer was completed successfully.

Confirm Email Address

When your guest creates a Tock account they’ll be asked to verify their email address. Sometimes guests will not receive these emails because a typo was made during the signup process. If that happens, please follow these instructions.

Welcome to Tock

When a guest confirms their email address they’ll receive a welcome email that contains a link to their Tock profile, which is where guests can manage their payment information and contact the restaurant regarding any past or current bookings.


When a guest completes the checkout flow and are confirmed for their reservation, if the restaurant has questions set up for the guest to answer, this is where they will be prompted to answer them.

Questions Reminder Email

If a guest has not answered their questions prior to their reservation date, the restaurant can enable an automated reminder to be sent to the guest “x” amount of days before the reservation.


Release Notes - August 16th, 2016