What’s New - December 14, 2017



Filter pre-assignments by service
For those of you that preassign your tables for multiple services (breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner) you can now filter your floorplan by service(s). Applying a one or multiple filters within your service view will now filter your pre-assignments (for bookings and walk-ins) by the selected service(s) in both the list view and the floorplan view. More focus on the service at hand and less distractions…seemed like a good idea!

• Moving Book now and Book via email buttons
When booking a reservation for a guest from the Calendar, your typical workflow looked something like this:

-Click “Modify”
-Click “Book”
-Choose between “Book now” or “Book via email”

It being the giving season, we thought we’d gift you with a quicker workflow. Now, after clicking “Modify” you’ll be able to immediately choose between “Book Now” and “Book Via Email”. So your workflow should look a little something like this:

-Click “Modify”
-Choose between “Book now” or “Book via email”
-Hug the closest Tock Engineer (optional)