What’s New - November 16, 2017



• Display guest visits on chits
Many of you have requested to see guest visits included on chits. Well I have some news for you: chits now include the number of guest visits! Bet ya didn’t see that coming…

• Events in Tock
Tock now allows you to designate an experience as an event. Ticketed events are clearly distinguished from other reservations on your Tock page, keeping all your inventory in one place. Tock events highlight the event’s date, time, and location for a smooth guest booking experience. Learn how to create an event.

Shameless plug: If you haven’t already started selling reservations for any of the upcoming events (Holiday party, New Year’s Eve Bash, Valentine’s Day etc) make sure you utilize the new Event experience type when setting it up.

Setting up an Event in Control Panel

Guest-facing Event