What’s New - November 22, 2017



• Add Booking Notes during Handsell
When booking a reservation via the handsell flow you now have the ability to add both booking notes and dietary notes about the diner. This improvement reduces the extra step of going into a booking to add notes immediately after bookings. You can now add them real-time! The notes added in the handsell booking flow will appear in the details of the booking, the same as all other bookings notes.

The ability to add notes only exists when executing the Book Now handsell flow. You will not see this option for the Book Via Email flow.

• Adding Country Code to sign up
We’ve added a Country Code and Country field to the Tock sign up form in order to get better phone validation. This will be defaulted for guests based on their IP address, so it will not add any extra time for a guest to sign up. Guests with existing Tock accounts will be prompted to confirm their country and country code when they next sign into their Tock account. The country and country code will be visible to you in guest profiles and wherever else their phone number shows up (e.g. in reports).