What’s New - Oct 5th



Smart Groups

Access Lists recently became Groups - this update was to facilitate some awesome new features. The first of these is the ability to create a list of guest automatically based on your Guest Tags.

For example, you can now automatically create groups of your regulars, employees or VIPs. This ability joins the previously available ability to upload guests manually. Both types of Groups can be used to restrict reservations access to certain guests or to allow for automatic discounts. (continue reading to learn more!)

Promotions are now Discounts!

Promotions are now Discounts and they’re 3 times as powerful! Just like previously you can still specify a discount and connect that to a Discount Code for guests to manually enter as they checkout. Discounts can now also be manually applied by a host or reservationist while making a booking in dashboard or via email. Also, in conjunction with the newly expanded ability of Groups, you can have Discounts automatically apply to guests from specified groups.

It’s now completely up to you whether you’d prefer to send out a Discount Code, have the Discount automatically apply to certain guests or allow for both. All the while you’ll be able to manually apply any of them yourself when booking for a guest.

We have also added new customizations to Discounts. Now you can set a limit on the number of times they can be used (with optional annual renewal) and/or a limit on the number of guests in a party that should receive the Discount.