What's New - January 25, 2018



We’re excited to let you know we’ve rebuilt the management of servers from the ground up, and we have some specific improvements that we would like to highlight.


Tired of recreating servers every day? Servers are now saved to your roster of employees and can be easily selected. You can edit a server’s name, identifying color, and permanently remove them at any time.


Cutting a server is now easier than ever. After their shift is complete, simply tap ‘cut server’ and they will be removed from all assigned tables.

If your list of servers ever grows to a large number, we’ve added a search of servers to help you find them quickly.

And last, but not least, we now have detailed and accurate statistics on each server. These stats encompass the number of assigned tables as well as the number of preassigned, currently active and completed covers. In addition, these stats are structured for display per service—allowing you to automatically keep track of your servers workload in real time as well as over the course of the whole day.


All of these new features can be found by tapping on the new Servers tab in the bottom right of Service.


Please let us know if you have any feedback or advice, we’re eager to improve your experience during service.

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