What's New – March 1, 2018



Share exclusive access to an experience with a private link

You can now configure an experience to accessible only via a private link. Anyone that knows the private link (for example, guests you send it to via email) will be able to see the experience by following the link.

Previously, the only option for sharing an experience with select guests was via an Access Lists. When compared with an Access List, a private link is easier for your guests to use and less configuration for you. Guests do not need to be logged into their Tock account to see the experience. A private link is, however, less private than an Access List—anyone who knows the link can see and book the experience.

You can choose to use a private link in the Access settings within the experience in the Control Panel.

Smarter defaults and options for reservation states

We’ve made a number of updates to Calendar to reduce the effort of managing reservations that were previously booked or held.

Now, when you or your guest cancels a Free Reservation, the reservation is now automatically returned to an available state.

Also, in the process of rescheduling a Free Reservation or canceling a Pre-paid and/or Deposit Reservation, you can now choose whether you would like the reservation time to be made available or held.

Finally, when sending a “Book via Email” to a guest, you can choose whether you would like the reservation to automatically return to an available or held state in case it expires.

Quick actions in Service

We’ve organized a few actions in Service under a “Quick Action” button in the reservation pane. For Free Reservations, there is also a new option to quickly cancel the reservation.

However please note you will not be able to cancel Pre-paid and/or Deposit Reservations within service. In order to cancel a reservation that has monies attached you must return to your calendar to take that action.

But have no fear should you need to jump from the day you’re viewing in Service to the same day in the Calendar to manage those Pre-paid and/or Deposit Reservations you can now easily do that by clicking on your new View day in Calendar button!

Improvements to templating

It’s now a little easier to manage your offered reservations using templates. Want to apply a template for the next 3 months except for on Memorial Day and Easter? You can now omit specific days from the range you’re templating.

Have you ever added a template to the wrong date on the calendar and wanted to remove it? Have you ever decided to update your calendar changing perhaps the experience offered or perhaps changing your reservation time offerings?
Well now you can easily remove available reservations from any day on your calendar with the nifty new Remove Available Reservations button we have created.

In the Templates area of Control Panel, you’ll find the new option to Remove Available Reservations that allows you to select a range of dates and services to cleared away. This option only impacts available reservations, therefore you need not be concerned about any reservations that are currently Booked or placed in a Held state from the calendar. (if you added any reservations to the calendar in a Held state with a Template they will be removed - one template writes over another essentially).

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