What's New (March 1, 2019)


We’ve been working on several big, exciting projects and we can’t wait to share details with you soon! But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped improving Tock’s Dashboard. We’re actively working on connecting Calendar and Service and a number of other updates for hosts and reservationists.

Edit and reschedule reservations from Service

Instead of navigating to Calendar to make changes, you can now edit and reschedule your reservations entirely inside Service.

Book reservations from Calendar or Service

Now you can quickly and easily book a reservation from either Calendar or Service.

Public Hours are now different from Reservation Hours

We’ve separated the public hours listed on your Tock page from the reservation hours used to determine reservation availability.

We’ve added more chit printer support

We now support StarMicronics TPS100 (LAN), StarMicronics TSP100III (WLAN), StarMicronics TSP100III (Bluetooth), and Epson TM-T88V (LAN) chit printers. And all models in the Epson TM line will be supported soon. Learn more on our help center.

Coming soon

We’ve got more work left to continue connecting Calendar and Service—like a shared party list, an improved navigation, and better organization of actions. And soon you’ll be able to create and apply multiple tax rates for prepaid reservations and supplements, mark a party as partially seated, and enable confirmation text messaging.