What's New – May 9, 2018



Introducing “Snapshot”

Quickly see what to expect for the day by opening the new Snapshot screen from Service or Calendar. Snapshot includes a condensed view of the day’s availability and timeline of reservations. It also incorporates the existing “daily notes” to help you track important details or notifications about the day’s service.

Waitlist improvements

More information about waitlisted guests

We know it’s helpful to know more about the guests on your Waitlist to determine accommodations. The Waitlist now shows guest tags and links to guest profiles to make this easier. You can also sort columns on the Waitlist to make parsing a big waitlist easier—for example quickly seeing who are the latest guests to be added.

Guests now also have the option to include notes when joining the waitlist so that they can, for example, indicate an occasion they are celebrating or more specific time preferences.

Quick waitlist notifications

In an effort to make your guest waitlist even more powerful, when a reservation becomes available, you can now easily notify guests who have wait-listed themselves for that specific date, service, and experience. You can find this option as “Notify waitlist members” when modifying the available time in Calendar.

You can customize and decide the list of guests you want to receive an email notification about the experience availability.

Clicking “Send email” notifies the guests of the availability via email—it does not actually hold the inventory on their behalf. You can send the notification to as many guests from your waitlist as you wish and they can book on first-come, first-served basis. If you want to ensure an individual guest gets the availability, we recommend using “Book via Email”.

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