What's New - November 9, 2017



• Bank payouts info in reports
Our gift to accountants! We’ve added the bank payout ID and date for a booking to your daily report (scroll alllll the way to the right). By adding this info, your accountants now have all the info they previously needed to collect from Stripe to help reconcile their books.

• Filter booking list in day calendar
You can now narrow down your bookings on the calendar day-view when you’re searching for a specific reservation. Simply type the guest’s name into the search bar at the bottom of the bookings list to find the guest you’re interested in quicker.

• Service loads faster
Guess what? Whenever you access service, you’ll get there quicker. No full-page refresh, no major delay. Smooth as JIF Creamy Peanut Butter (#notsponsored). I urge you to go take it for a spin now…like, right now.