What's New - Sept 4th


Text Reminders

Today we are announcing automated text message reminders. This is part of our continued effort to improve communication between you and your guests (See more in the post-visit email and feedback we announced last month).

We still believe that pre-payment–through simple deposits or fully pre-paid reservations–is the best way to reduce no-shows, but if you’re offering free reservations we’ve still got your back. These automated texts are a powerful tool to reduce no-shows by reminding your guests of their upcoming reservation while giving them an easy way to cancel so you can prevent last minute cancellations and fill that availability ahead of time.

Dark Mode

You can try our new “Dark Mode” within Service and Calendar. You’ll find the switch to turn it on under Settings in the top right of Service. Welcome to The Dark Side.

Pre-Service Report

We have a new report within the Operations tab that brings together all the information you need to prep for the night, the week, or the month. This list of upcoming guests includes everything from outstanding payments to questions and responses, and it’s formatted nicely for printing out before service.

Custom Tags

If you’ve been paying close attention you may have noticed new icons in both screenshots above. That’s because you now have the ability to customize tags with icons that help making important details more obvious. Tags can also be ordered to help bring priority information to the top.

unlisted #2

listed #3