Where can I find my Stripe processing fees?



Between Stripe and Tock, you’ll find Stripe processing fees in a few different places.

When you visit the [Stripe dashboard] (https://dashboard.stripe.com), you’ll find processing fees within both the Payouts and Payments tabs.

Within Payments, you will be able to click into any individual charge and see the credit card processing fee.

Within Payouts, you can see the sum of credit card processing fees per deposited payout within the Payout summary section.

Payouts are compiled of individual payments, so you can always click into the Transaction details within a payout to see each individual payment.

Within your Tock dashboard, you’ll find credit card processing fees within 2 unique Reports.

1.) Sales Transactions Report

Each payment will have a unique Stripe identifier titled ‘Payment Processor ID’ which starts with ‘ch_’ and followed by a long string of numbers and letters. Each payment’s processing fees will be found in the column titled ‘Processing Fees’.

Payments which have been partially or fully refunded will appear in an additional row as a separate transaction, appearing after the original payment. These refunds have a unique Stripe identifier starting with ‘re_’ and followed by a long string of letters and numbers. This identifier will be recorded in the column titled ‘Payment Processor Refund ID’ and the refunded processing fees will be displayed in the column named ‘Processing Fees Refunded’.

The Sales Summary will show you the gross sales and the net sales. To find the amount that’s actually hitting your bank account, you’ll want to take the Net Sales and subtract the processing fees:

Payment Collected - Refunds = Net Sales (Tock)
Net Sales - Processing Fees - Processing fees Refunded = Stripe Transfer

2.) Daily Details Report (Realized Income Report)

Much like the Sales Transactions report, the Realized Income Details report will record processing fees per transaction. Processing fees can be found in the column titled ‘Gross Processing Fees’ for payments and within ‘Processing Fees Refunded’ for refund transactions.

Gross Payment Collected - Gross Processing Fees = Net Payment Received

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