Why is Stripe failing to verify my guest's zip code?



Stripe has a default security measure in place that compares the zip code the bank has on file for their card with the zip code the guest entered into their Tock profile. If these do not match, the payment will fail. If you want to rectify this issue and accept their payment, you have two options.

Choose to allow payment through Radar Rules

Radar rules are set to help manage fraudulent payments. While most rules can be created and managed by the Stripe account owner and administrator, the zip code rule is a built-in rule that can be overridden.

Navigate to your Stripe dashboard. In the side panel, click on Radar. Then click on Rules. You will see three dots to the right of the rule. Click on it to disable the rule. By disabling, you are bypassing Stripe’s credit card zip code test and accepting liability if a payment is contested.

Ask the guest to delete their zip code

There are situations where these address checks can fail on legitimate transactions. For example, if the customer has entered their address incorrectly, or has moved house and not yet updated their address with their bank. In these scenarios, we advise you to ask the guest to update their zip code or delete it altogether. Stripe will only decline purchase when zip codes do not match. If there is no zip code associated with their Tock profile, Stripe will not use it as a reason to deny the charge. They can update their profile information here.

To better understand this issue and its possible resolutions, please refer to this article in Stripe’s help center.